Buying a house is an emotional decision because you are not only buying a house, you are deciding on where home will be for yourself and family. Its been a journey for us and I will be the first to say we had a peaceful experience from the time of viewing the house to having it registered. Spiro as our first point of contact was helpful and made the experience seamless, he provided relevant feedback when required and was very accommodating to make this work for all parties involved. He also assisted whenever we needed to access the house for curtain/ blinds measurements. Thank you Spiro.

The house itself we are happy in, I catch myself looking at my kids playing in the house and know this is God sent. It came with a lot of extras that just sweetened the deal for us. The location is great. The handover process was amazing, thanks to Maria, ensuring we understood everything about the house and picking up an issues that need to be addressed. My daughter is our lil celebrity I attached her pic outside the estate, her first visit to her new home.


Mama Santi